About Me

    I was born in Istanbul on 19 December 1986. Since my childhood I always dreamt of workiıng in a dog related job, as these are the ones that interest me the most.

    When I was a child I used to read many books about dogs, endlessly ask questions to veterinerians, dog owners and trainers.

    However, excercises with my Magyar Vizsla were my first actual dog training experience in the year 2000. I'm grateful to Jessy for everything she taught me. My milestone, I will always remember you...

    I needed to improve my communication skills with dogs, in order to learn everything about them and to be able to understand them. Only in this way I could acquire the necessary abilities for helpiıng dogs and their owners.

    Many dogs were my friends, I was teaching them some skills and helping their owners volunterily during my studentship of Biology at Akdeniz University between the years 2004-2008.

    My further aim, however, was being a real professional. For this, I considered it essential, learning the most accurate information about dogs communication patterns, psychology and training techniques. So I enrolled in the course at the Positive Dog Trainers Academy, which I completed with distinction at the end of the year 2009, taught by Yiannis Arahovitis (himself apprenticed under Bob Bailey and Turid Rugaas formerly). I've been offering training and behavior modification services professionally since then.    

    Later on, I finished the Anadolu University successfully and eventually graduated as a Veterinary Technician in 2010.
    I have been attending many seminars and workshops including dog health, dog pshycology, assistance and therapy dogs, cynology, conformation judging, good citizen evaluation, dog show handling, agility, frisbee, etc for many years.


    Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) is a independent council which offers the CPDT-KA and CBCC-KA examinations.

    *CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed) exam domains are istruction skills, learning theory, ethology, animal husbandary and equipment. Passing score is 193 correct answers out of 250 questions. I am one of the first three persons who sat for this exam from Turkey ever. My scores were 196 on March 2013 and 233 on March 2016. CPDT-KA certificants can apply for the Skills Assessed (-KSA) title by providing videos showig their practical skills. The Council scores these videos and grants the CPDT-KSA title who passes the exam. CPDT-KA ad CPDT-KSA certificates are valid for 3 years. 

    *CBCC-KA (Certified Behavor Consultant Canine - Knowledge Assessed) exam domains are applied behavior analysis; consulting skills and best practices; ethology, body language, and observational skills; health, development and life stages; biology and anatomy; scientific method. Passing score is 138 out of 180 questions. I am the first and only person who sat for and passed this exam from Turkey ever. As of January 2016 there are only 126 CBCC-KAs worldwide. I'm the 127th. CBCC-KA certificants can apply for the Skills Assessed (-KSA) examiation by providing videos showing their practical skills. These videos are scored by the Council and individuals who pass the exam are granted the CBCC-KSA title. CBCC-KA and CBCC-KSA certificates are valid for 5 years.

    These titles can not be hold for a lifetime by passing an exam only. Cerfiticants must re-certificate at the end of the valid period for their titles, by taking exams again or submiting 36 CEUs at least. For further information please visit the CCPDT website.

     I am interested in conformation shows and agility. Some of the dogs I've handled at shows got their Turkish Champion and Turkish Grand Champion titles.
     At the 1st National Agility Championship on December 13th 2015, I placed 3rd with Mayday in A1 Jumping Large. Yuki got 1st place in A1 Agility Large and 3rd place in A2 Jumping Large at the 2nd National Agility Championship on April 17th 2016.

     I live with Yuki (Golden Retriever born in 2007), Millie (Golden Retriever born in 2010), Mayday (Border Collie born in 2011), Fia (Papillon born in 2017) and our cat Vanilya in Istanbul.
    I am also an FCI/KIF registered breeder of Papillons and Labradors.

          No need to jerk the leash, yell at the dog and "dominate" him.
Progressive force-free methods are the most accurate, humane and sience-based ones.
I follow the CCPDT Humane Hierarchy Position Statement.

          Whereas behavioral problems can be solved with the right approach easily, they are the primary reason for dogs being dumped at streets or shelters. Yet, such problems can be prevented by adressing them with specific training programs at an early age already.

          My goal is to teach owners how they can commumicate with their dogs better. Consequentially, we can solve their problems via positive (force free) techniques and thus increase the quality of the lives of both.