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Positive services for keeping tails wagging

Looking for an English speaking professional?
Meet Gülru Batur, herself a certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant,
offering private lessons at the comfort of your home.


The biggest goal for me is helping owners and dogs to share a quality life together.


WaggingTail presents training and behavior modification programs which include the most useful, humane and modern methods for helping dogs become well-behaved family members. I usually do private lessons with owners at where the dog lives. Bringing your dog to WaggingTail Doggy Home for a board&train program is another option.

Please don't wait for your dog to behave badly to start seeking for a trainer. Moreover, your dog doesn't need to be at least 6 months old!

Remember, prevention is better than cure.

We should start training our dogs as earlier as we can, better if we do it before undesired behaviors even occur. It would be the best for you to have an interview with a certified trainer for analyzing your dog's behaviors, even if you think that you don't need any professional help for now.  Because, your dog could develop some problems but maybe you wouldn't be able to read the subtle signs. So, you'll need help, eventually.


The first 12-16 weeks from birth are very important for puppies. Socialization and character building exercises should be done properly during this "imprint period". (This is also an important reason to remind us why we need to choose a responsible breeder to get a puppy from.) On the other hand, puppies must stay with their mother and siblings until 8 weeks of age. So, we only have 4 weeks to address the imprint period properly. Being late to start training consequently makes training harder, because we need time as much as the undesired behavior has been reinforced for. However, there's NO age limit for starting training. Dogs of any age, breed or sex can cooperate well.

If you are observing some undesired behaviors or tendencies, please contact me as soon as possible so we could find solutions early on. Don't let undesired behaviors be reinforced more and become habits.

My actual mission as a trainer is to coach/teach owners how to train their dogs properly with progressive force-free methods.

Most people still understand the "pack leader" as a "boss", and think that this kind of leadership is the key to train dogs. Unfortunately, domination based training methods are still popular, especially when TV shows like "Cesar Millan The Dog Whisperer" make it spread. This outdated thoughts aren't humane, and have already been discredited about 30 years ago. A true leader provides, does not patronize!

Modern dog training methods NEVER include aversive punishments and corrections, even painless ones. The training process is done with positive reinforcers primarily. It works as "prevent undesirable behaviors by management, let dogs think, prompt them to find the desirable behaviors by their own will, capture it and reinforce it, rinse and repeat".

I'll visit you to analyze your dog's needs before we start training. This appointment helps us to find the best solutions to your problems. You may schedule an analysis appointment, then start a training program in the near future. Or, on the day of analysis appointment, you may decide to start the training program directly and make its payment, then the analysis fee won't be charged.

  • For puppies, I suggest a program of 10 sessions which includes character building, socialization, indoor/outdoor behavior modifications, housetraining, obedience and miscellaneous game/trick exercises. Discount of 15% is available if your puppy is not older than 3 months.

  • For dogs of any age I suggest programs of 6, 10 or 15 sessions which include indoor/outdoor behavior modifications, housetraining, obedience, miscellaneous game/trick exercises.

  • Problem-solving about lack of socialization, fearfulness, shyness, bullying, aggression, etc requires behavior modification programs of 6, 10 or 15 sessions. 

  • It's possible to join in a class program for 4 or 6 dogs. Class programs include building confidence, increasing physical awareness, focus and generalizing exercises with distractions. The group classes are done at WaggingTail Doggy House or a public park which is convenient for all participants.

  • You can also enjoy training programs of agility and dog show preparation. Please contact for further information.


I suggest taking the YKS, SKS or AKS tests after finishing the training program as a graduation exam. It would always be great to see my students to achieve diplomas. 
These trials are organized by KIF. Similar to AKC Canine Good Citizen Tests.

YKS: Social Puppy Test (for puppies up to 12 months)
SKS: Social Dog Test (for dogs older than 12 months)
AKS: Friendly Dog Test (for dogs who has passed YKS or SKS)



Analysis appointment: 50USD

Private lessons:

  • 15 sessions = 1400USD

  • 10 sessions = 9000USD

  •  6 sessions  = 550USD (discounts are invalid)

  •  1 session    =  100USD (discounts are invalid)

Behavior Modification:

  • 15 sessions = 1700USD

  • 10 sessions = 1100USD

  • 6 sessions   = 700USD (discounts are invalid)

  • 1 session     = 120USD(discounts are invalid)


  • Daily fee: 150USD

Dog Show preparation**:

  • 2 weeks = 1000USD (includes boarding)


-Driving expense may be added depending on the area you live in.

-%10 off, if you decide to start training and make a pre-payment of minimum 50USD at the analysis appointment. (The rest must be paid at the date of first lesson)

-%25 off, for rescue/shelter dogs; proof of adoption needs to be presented. (Can not be combined with puppy discount)

-The amount could be paid in 2 or 3 installments, first payment must be done at the first lesson. There will be an additional delay interest of 50USD if you choose to make the payment by installments.

Note: VAT and other taxes are not included in the prices!

**This is a board&train program. Please contact for further information about dog show preparation. I also offer handling service at shows.

Daycare &

Do you feel guilty when you leave your dog home alone?
Bring her/him to our DayCare, go to work guilt-free.

Walkies only are not enough. Dogs need mental stimulation during the day as well as physical exercise. Our daycare service is perfect for busy owners. Your dog can stay at our home comfortably, play with our dogs and other guests while you are at work. Stays up to 10 hours are classified as "a day" for our daycare service. 

Daycare only        :   750TL daily

Daycare+training : 3500TL daily

Become a club member, pay less
Monthly daycare                  :   8.500TL (3 days a week)
Monthly daycare+training  :  41.500TL (3 days a week)
Monthly daycare                  :   13.500TL (5 days a week)
Monthly daycare+training  :  65.000TL (5 days a week)
Annual daycare                    :  100.000TL (3 days a week)

Annual daycare+training    : 496.000TL (3 days a week)
Annual daycare                    : 160.000TL (5 days a week)
Annual daycare+training    : 770.000TL (5 days a week)

*Dog's food will be supplied by the owner.

*Transport service may be available, please contact for the price.
*Only castrated males are accepted.

*Intact male puppies below the age of puberty are not subject to restrictions.
*Females in heat may be accepted with an additional fee.
*Monthly prices should be paid in advance.
*Annual prices can be divided into four, the first installment should be paid in advance. A term difference fee of 1000TL will be added to each installment.



Looking for a place for your dog to stay safely?

Our boarding service is ready for you.
WaggingTail Doggy House is the home away home. Dogs staying with us are free in a home environment, we don't put them in crates/kennels like the other boarding facilities. Video calls are available whenever convenient.
Please take a look at our Instagram profile (@sallanankuyruk) to see how our guests enjoy their stays. Stays over 10 hours are classified as "a day" for our boarding service.

1 to 14 days                : 1000TL daily
15 to 29 days              : 850TL daily

30 and more days      : 750TL daily

*Stays from 10 to 24 hours considered as a day.

*Stays up to 10 hours considered as daycare.

*Transport service is available, please contact for the price.
*Dog's food will be supplied by the owner.

*Only castrated males are accepted.

*Intact male puppies below the age of puberty are not subject to restrictions.

*Females in heat period may be accepted with an additional fee.

*Intact adult males may be accepted, if there won't be any females in heat or other males staying, with an additional fee.

Extra fees:

Administering medicine (pill/syrup): 100TL daily

Providing enrichment toys (kong)    : 200TL daily

Brushing/combing                              : 200TL daily
Female in heat period                        : 300TL daily
Intact male                                           : 300TL daily

Transport                                            : 100TL opening + 40TL for each km



Since young puppies whose immunization may be incomplete are also our guests, it is very important for all the dogs to have up-to-date vaccinations and anti-parasitic treatments. Anti-parasitic treatments must be done not later than 48 hours before the arrival to our house (if the renewal date of the treatment is within the dates of the planned stay). We regularly sanitize and disinfect our house using strong but non-toxic products to eliminate the risk of contamination. Please inform us about your dog's health history and don't forget to show his/her current health book (vaccination records), or send photos of it via WhatsApp.

Intact males tend to be assertive, they usually obsess over the females, follow them continuously even if the girls are spayed (or intact but not in heat). They also would guard the girls from other males. This may be overwhelming, therefore a conflict is inevitable. Keeping our home as stress-free as possible is our priority. This is why we accept castrated males only.  Please contact us for discussing if your intact male dog's stay is possible. Thank you for your understanding.

Online Sessions

Need professional help but you don't live in the same city with Gülru? 
Online sessions are for you, then!

WaggingTail offers online training and consulting sessions for affordable prices for your fido.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, online sessions are the best to help us keep our social distance.


Have you ever imagined your buddy as a a photo-model?
Now you can!

Try our photography service to immortalize your best friend.

As our professional photographer does photoshoot with his years of experience, our certified dog trainer helps your dog to pose.

Photo shooting can be done at our studio, your home or any outdoor place you wish.

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